Should You Try An At-Home Sleep Test?

winter park sleep test

Do you often feel tired during the day or suffer from difficulties concentrating and staying focused? Then you could be suffering from the symptoms of obstructive sleep apnea. Our team can offer treatment to help you rest, but that starts with a diagnosis. At our helpful sleep clinic in Winter Park, FL, we can provide an at-home sleep test.

Signs You May Need Treatment                   

How do you know if you need treatment for a sleep disorder like sleep apnea? Pay attention to your body during waking hours. Do you feel tired despite sleeping the night before? Are you often moody and irritable, and have difficulty concentrating on tasks or with your memory? Do you wake up in the night gasping for air or choking, snore on a frequent basis, or experience dry mouth and headaches? With sleep apnea, you stop breathing multiple times a night as soft tissues block airflow, so your REM sleep is interrupted even if you don’t remember this happening, leaving you exhausted and eventually, straining your immune systems and even your heart health.

Our At-Home Sleep Test

When you experience one or more of the possible symptoms we discussed above, then please reach out to our team right away. Instead of trying to make you rest in a lab setting while we monitor you, we will send you home with a unique at-home sleep test that you wear as you sleep in the comfort of your own bed. This device will record episodes of breathing cessation, heart rates, blood pressure, and more. A board-certified sleep physician will then interpret the data recorded and decide if you need treatment for sleep apnea. If so, we can offer a unique and comfortable CPAP alternative!

What Happens Next?

In most cases, we will take detailed digital images and measurements of your smile for multiple angles, and then combine them to create a 3D impression of your smile, one which allows us to custom-fit an oral appliance, to your mouth. The device is worn as you rest and repositions the jaw and tongue to keep airways from being obstructed, so you breathe without interruption and avoid sleep apnea symptoms. The appliance is simple to use and clean, and can travel with you easily. If you have any questions about how we diagnose and treat issues like sleep apnea, then contact our team today to learn more. We want to help you rest with ease again and feel rested and alert!

Learn More About Our Diagnostic Process With Healthy Sleep Solutions!

Our team wants to help you enjoy good oral health and feel rested and alert. To find out more about we identify the presence of sleep apnea and snoring, speak with our team at Healthy Sleep Solutions in Winter Park, FL at (407) 457-5337 today!


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