Do You Have Sleep Apnea? You Might Not Even Know It!

you have sleep apnea winter park flFor those with sleep apnea, experiencing a full night of rest can be a struggle. But some people with this condition go their entire lives without learning that they even have it. Sometimes, the signs and symptoms of chronic obstructive sleep apnea can mask as snoring or other common concerns, and these patients can avoid seeking treatment for their conditions. If you have sleep apnea, however, it is important to talk with someone about your rest.

At our helpful sleep clinic in Winter Park, FL, we understand the difficulties that can come with both identifying and treating chronic obstructive sleep apnea. Our team can help you to diagnose the trouble with your rest, starting with a simple online quiz to help you track your risk level. If you and your sleep expert come to the conclusion that you are experiencing apnea, we can help you to find the course of treatment that works for you. With an oral appliance, you can avoid the noise and intrusion of some other traditional methods, so give us a call today!

Sleep Apnea Symptoms Can Disguise Themselves As More Innocent Conditions

Some sleep apnea signs and symptoms can seem pretty apparent, by even with these, your partner might be the one to bring up their concern. If they have been telling you that you jar yourself awake throughout the night with loud snoring fits, this may be a sign that you are blocking your own airway. When this happens, be sure to talk to a sleep expert about your rest, as apnea puts you at a higher risk of serious harm, including heart attack and stroke.

But for others, this condition can show itself in different ways. Some patients see a decrease in their energy and vitality, which can show as an irritable mood or a lower libido. If you find that you are tired before lunchtime hits, take our helpful sleep quiz to learn more about your risks.

If You Have Sleep Apnea, There Is A More Comfortable Treatment Solution

Traditional forms of treatment can be intrusive enough to hold patients back from caring for their condition. If you have been avoiding your CPAP machine due to the noise or discomfort, talk to our team about how oral appliance-based therapy may be able to help you. This method of care works by gently repositioning your jaw in order to keep your airway open as you sleep. Discover a better night of sleep with an oral appliance.

Learn More About Oral Appliances With Healthy Sleep Solutions!

Your rest does not have to continue to hold you back. To find out more about how an oral appliance can help to treat chronic obstructive sleep apnea, speak with our team at Healthy Sleep Solutions in Winter Park, FL at (407) 457-5337 today!

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